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Michael Joseph An Gof

Posted on July 3, 2020 . Posted by fergus

Story by Ann

Although with only a few well spaced souls, this year, Michael Joseph An Gof (The Smith) and Thomas Flamank, lawyer of Bodmin, were beautifully remembered at the place of their statues on 27th June, 2020 at Saint Keverne.

A wreath was laid by Samuel Trounson and flowers were placed by Jacob Richards. A minutes silence was observed and ‘We Remember you’ was sung. 523 years ago An Gof and Flamank led a Cornish Rebellion to petition Henry 7th against searing illegal taxation imposed to fund a war against Scotland. Along the way through Britain others joined the throng, including a Lord Audley. In London a large mercenary army was ready and waiting to put down this attempt at solving a grievance.

The Cornish with the others were defeated at The Battle of Black Heath in 1497. There is a mound still visible today where the Cornish where buried on that heath.Michael Joseph and Thomas Flamank were hung, drawn and quartered. Lord Audley was beheaded