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The Cornish Way of Life

My passion for Cornwall runs deep. I am of the Gilbert family from Gunwalloe. Living & growing up at Fishing Cove, Gunwalloe was a magical time for my brothers, cousins and me.  Watching the fishing boats launch on summer evenings and having a free run of the beaches & cliff tops was part of our […]

Cornwall My Home

I’m a Cornishman through and through and feel very proud of where I come from.  Titled “beautifully Cornish,” this film represents the essence of our Ann’s Pasties brand. It contains the magical ingredients that this beautiful Duchy packs into every bite. We hope you enjoy it. Kernow Bys Vyken

This is my Cornwall

I grew up in The Lizard Village which is as Cornish as it gets. It is the most southerly point in Cornwall, proper deep south, which makes me very proud of the title ‘Lizard Boy.’ The Lizard peninsular has water on three sides. Its beaches resonate power and beauty. The Lizard is possibly the most […]

Michael Joseph An Gof

Story by Ann Although with only a few well spaced souls, this year, Michael Joseph An Gof (The Smith) and Thomas Flamank, lawyer of Bodmin, were beautifully remembered at the place of their statues on 27th June, 2020 at Saint Keverne. A wreath was laid by Samuel Trounson and flowers were placed by Jacob Richards. […]

‘Scilly Call Centre’

Story by Rebecca So we are coming out of lockdown… It has been a long time for all of us, I have certainly felt it. I have processed orders for thousands of pasties and still haven’t been able to have one myself! Our Ann’s Pasty team never stopped and they have been so busy in […]

Super Yachts SOS for a Cornish Pasty

In Greek like ‘zesty’ weather 20.5 degrees at 8.30 this morning a couple of dozen ‘Ann’s Pasties’ were delivered, by my son Fergus, to the tender of the ‘Hetairos’ a super ‘super yacht’ that was moored off Beacon Crag, Porthleven since yesterday. It was a joy to see this fabulous boat moored at anchor in […]

So winter is here…

As the memories of long summer days fade and our jackets go on, leaves are aggressively removed from trees, the wind beats us from all directions and sideways rain gets underneath the best of water poof clothes you would probably think I’d be heading off to warmer climates but it’s quite the opposite!   Although I […]

My 40th Big Bash

The BIG THANKYOU! Last month saw one of those birthday days I could not let slip by, The Big Four Zero. Time for a celebration party for my 40 th on the 6 th September. After a chat with my good friend Ross I was able to leave the organisation in his capable hands, catering […]

Newquay Gig Championships with Cadgwith

It was pasties galore time again at the beginning of August. My Anns Pasties team, with a 6am start, were prepped and ready to step up to the mark. It was just as well because it allowed me an opportunity I could not turn down. It did not take much persuasion when the Cadgwith boys […]

Dog Walks, Digging, Beer & Home

After a busy half term, I needed a bit of down time from the Cornish pasty for a couple of days. My wife Rebecca insisted on a short break overseas. Even I could organise that, I booked the Scillonian, no passport required, for a relaxing trip to the Isles of Scilly, just us two and of course […]

Locally reared Christmas Turkeys

Adhering to our ethos at Anns Pasties of sourcing our ingredients as locally as possible, before going off to the supermarket, consider buying your Christmas turkey from ‘Pear Tree Farm’. These birds are local, free range and reared at Trannack by Mo. one of my top crimpers. Tel. 07896 685452.

Pasties done time to surf!!

Winter is here, the rush is over, this is when the Cornish get to play in their amazing land of Kernow! The summer is great and we are grateful for all of the trade that the holidays bring but I would ditch the Flip Flop and t-shirts for welly boots and beanies any day!! We […]

Porthleven & The Porthleven Pasty Shop

I am delighted that Ann’s Pasties has won the Porthleven Food and Music Festival Golden Oyster Award this year, presented to us a few Friday evenings ago by lovely Rosie Crow (We are a bit dreckly on our blog posts through May due a big family event which we will tell you about dreckly). Many thanks, […]

The 3 Rivers

Really I don’t know how they did it!  Really Fergus shouldn’t even have taken part such was the depth of his illness plus two others of his crew were not on top form either with chest infections. Not sure whether a stag do in London the previous weekend was ideal preparation for a serious race the following […]

10 Mile

When I rejoined the family business just over 3 years ago I had the idea to source as locally as possible. So I set myself the goal to try to get all of the ingredients in the pasty from within a ten mile radius of my shop in Helston and Mothers (Ann’s) shop in The […]

Rowing trip to Italy

When I am not ,religiously , deeply involved with Cornish pasty making you can often find me doing a bit on rowing Cornish fixed seat style. I have enjoyed Cornish Pilot Gig rowing for the past 30 years since the tradition of racing them has been rekindled. I also row Cornish flash boats and skiffs. […]