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‘Scilly Call Centre’

Story by Rebecca So we are coming out of lockdown… It has been a long time for all of us, I have certainly felt it. I have processed orders for thousands of pasties and still haven’t been able to have one myself! Our Ann’s Pasty team never stopped and they have been so busy in […]

Dog Walks, Digging, Beer & Home

After a busy half term, I needed a bit of down time from the Cornish pasty for a couple of days. My wife Rebecca insisted on a short break overseas. Even I could organise that, I booked the Scillonian, no passport required, for a relaxing trip to the Isles of Scilly, just us two and of course […]

Pasties done time to surf!!

Winter is here, the rush is over, this is when the Cornish get to play in their amazing land of Kernow! The summer is great and we are grateful for all of the trade that the holidays bring but I would ditch the Flip Flop and t-shirts for welly boots and beanies any day!! We […]