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The Spirit of Cornwall

Posted by Ferg

The song is for the Cornish so I’m really pleased the film shows Cornwall and the people of Cornwall in a holistic way – not just the natural beauty of the place, but the harshness and hardship, and the beauty of the people within. Deprivation, lack of affordable housing, low paid and seasonal jobs, lack of transport links, the cost of living crisis all being issues facing our county accutely right now.

But what comes through in the song is ‘the spirit of Cornwall’ which always finds a way to come to the fore – both historically and in the modern day. Ultimately the song is about togetherness and hope. Us Cornish smile in the face of adversity and crack a joke in even the gravest situation. It is this indomitable spirit that I am writing about and reflecting in the song.

I don’t hope you like it – I hope you feel it! x