The Cornish Way of Life

Posted by Ann

My passion for Cornwall runs deep.

I am of the Gilbert family from Gunwalloe.

Living & growing up at Fishing Cove, Gunwalloe was a magical time for my brothers, cousins and me. 

Watching the fishing boats launch on summer evenings and having a free run of the beaches & cliff tops was part of our care free existence.

“I can remember snooping around the village smelling out pasty-day at different relatives houses.”

I could tell the difference between each of my aunt’s and my mother’s and grandmother’s pasties. Even though they all used the same ingredients.  

The joy of the sea

I now live at The Lizard where my pasty shop is situated, surrounded by stunning views of the sea. It changes daily from calm like a mirror reflecting a clear blue sky or raging, grey green with an Atlantic storm. Both are a joy to behold. 

I row a couple of times a week for recreation and fitness. I’m part of Helford Gig Club and Trelawney Rowing Club at Stithians reservoir. I feel very fortunate to live in this lovely place. Rowing at the Isles of Scilly Gig World Championships is a memory for life. 

Hopefully our Cornish way of life will go on as it has throughout history. A tucked away place where people eek out a living close to nature and support each other in their small communities . 

We feel under threat at the moment with thoughtless building programmes, the proposal of a cross border constituency with England and no help for our Cornish /British language revival. We work hard and pay our taxes but don’t always seem to get heard or respected. 

A little piece of heaven on earth

The many visitors from Britain and other parts of the world are very attracted to Cornwall .

They often tell me they feel they are in a different country to the rest of Britain and I tell them that it is because they are.

Oll an gwella , Kernow bys vykken!