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The 3 Rivers

Posted on March 10, 2017 . Posted by ann

Really I don’t know how they did it!  Really Fergus shouldn’t even have taken part such was the depth of his illness plus two others of his crew were not on top form either with chest infections. Not sure whether a stag do in London the previous weekend was ideal preparation for a serious race the following weekend :-). I can only think it must have been that special cake I make up for them that gave them that extra spurt .( Not special cake as in Amsterdam by the way ?). Anyway with Looe pushing them all the way around the course at ‘The Three Rivers Race’ Saltash last Saturday it was a relief to see the race finish with Falmouth in first place. Well done Falmouth crew for making up for Fergus’s near collapse!! ( He won’t do THAT again.) This crew of rowers has made Anns Pasties SO very proud  over the last 10 years. Training like professionals but with full time jobs and families to support.