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Pasties & Pints

We made the pasties and our mates made the beers!

You choose your pasty flavour, then you get to pick between a beers made by Dai and Kelv from the ‘Shoals brewery’ in Porthleven. Or from the other coast we have a selection of that Cornish nectar from ‘St.Ives brewery’ courtesy of Marco and Hailey.

If it’s the larger craft beers you’re after, go for the selection at the bottom half of the page. We don’t have a favourite (Obviously) both kings of local brewing, with flavours for everyones’ tastes.

The Gurt Licker & 2 330cl Beers


2 Large Pasties & 4 330cl Beers


Gurt Licker & 2 440ml Premium Craft Beers


2 Large Pasties & 4 440ml Premium Craft Beers


Fathers Day Gift Box