Righton Burrito!!

Posted by Ann

Dia de los Muertos, Mexico, Cornwall and our shared history. Is a spectacular holiday usually celebrated between the 31st October and 2nd November in Mexico, so families can welcome back the souls of their deceased relatives and loved ones for a brief reunion that includes food and drink. This season at Ann’s we are celebrating our lost Cornish family and the sacrifices they made as well as the incredible legacy they left behind.

Imagine for a second, it’s 1820 and several hundred Cornish tin miners made the incredible trip from Cornwall to a little town in Mexico called ‘Real Del Monte’ in Hidalgo, Mexico. They were the only ‘beys’ (as we call them) with the skill to pump out an abandoned silver mine and re-start the mining industry in the area. They created a whole Cornish community, the impact of which is still seen if you visit today, with Cornish flags, the smell of pasties cooking, a pasty museum and a cemetery full of their graves, marked with their birth places, Redruth, Camborne and St.Ives.

Our incredible Mel has created a ‘Burrito sausage roll’ which we decided to pair with the lovely ‘Pocketful of Stones’ new ‘Lost Mexican’ Mescal to say a big ‘cheers’ to our brave Cornish ancestors, some bleddy boys I tell ‘ee!