Hastily Named Storm Henk

Posted by Ann

Wow! Storm season in Kernow has really lived up to its’ name!  

We know our weather down here and we were watching this weather system come in. It was a sudden surprise to some when 80mph winds descended on us and this weather system hurriedly had to be upgraded to the United Kingdoms’ next storm, hastily earning the name ‘Henk’. 

We’ve been battening down the hatches and doing what we do best down here, cosying down in our locals by the fire, picking our favourite spots to watch the storms and of course, fighting our way into pasty HQ to keep that Cornish Gold coming for Christmas!  

I am so fascinated by the sea that this storm brought in that I took the time one morning to brave my way down the long winding track to Polpeor, where the most southerly and wild cafés in Cornwall is owned by my oldest friends Luke and Vicky. Great rollers crashing into the cove, pummelling the cliff line juxtaposed the delicious hot fry up cosily eaten in the corner of this café situated on the most southern tip of Great Britain

We definitely know how to live down here – great food – while a tempest rages outside!