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Pasties done time to surf!!

Posted by Ferg

Winter is here, the rush is over, this is when the Cornish get to play in their amazing land of Kernow! The summer is great and we are grateful for all of the trade that the holidays bring but I would ditch the Flip Flop and t-shirts for welly boots and beanies any day!!

We do get weather beaten here in the Southwest! Stormy day where the rain is sideways and the wind can take you off your feet, some would say horrible but to a Cornish surfer this sends our minds racing and the hunt for surf begins!! Surf spots that only work a few times a year light up in the lea of the land, out of the wind with clouds racing overhead, swell making the horizon look like huge sand dunes driving past us as we wait for the swell to dissipate and bend around the headlands to where we are hiding in our secret coves. The only way to find these spots is a total knowledge and devotion to our coastline.


Pictures by Jason Dreyer

After a cold surf like this we would be then on the hunt for a hot pasty! If I was on the south coast it would obviously be one of mothers (or I’d be in trouble 😉 But on the way back from Gwithian I would have a Philps, or in Porthreath Porthreath Bakery Pasty, St Ives, St Ives Bakery, St Agnes, St Agnes Bakery and so on…….. It was always nice to try the Pasty of that area, all different but all great!!

These pictures are from a surf that I had this week in Porthleven, this was one of those still winter days, very fresh! We are just about to open a pasty shop back in the village where my Gran and Mum opened a shop over 34 years ago!! Some have already said that I am only going back to be closer to the surf! 🙂


Pictures by Jason Dreyer